alia (aliatard) wrote in skinconditions,

bacne. i think it's hormonal. i want to kill it.

My face isn't that bad, but it's definitely worse than usual. THAT, I can handle.

It's my back...horrible. Acne on my upper back, lower back, and even my shoulders. Some of it is cystic.

I've tried nearly every topical and wash-both 'script and drug/dept. store. I've even tried the Head and Shoulders method. I have the benz peroxide stuff, the retin a, the sulfur stuff, the salicylic acid, the aha, the tea tree oil, you name it. I even tried cortaid. I'm taking stuff to help regulate my hormones as they're wacky (vitex/chasteberry, saw palmetto, an adrenal-loving mix of herbs), and I'm taking every other vitamin and mineral I can think of that helps acne (b5, zinc...all the mandatory stuff that we need anyway). The only thing I'm not doing is taking birth control, because most make me gain too much weight (plus, my insurance is shhhht, so I can only afford a few kinds), and I don't like the idea of antibiotics or Accutane, as I like to try the more natural stuff first.

Also, I've even gotten colonics, started to clean up my diet, done water fasts, etc.

Anyone cure their bacne jere? If so, HOW!?!?!?!

Thanks. :)
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