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So I've been diagnosed with rosacea for a couple of years.  Oxytetracycline has mostly worked for me, and now I rarely take it, but just modify my behaviour.  I'll only take it if I'm at a really stressful time and just *need* my skin to be ok while I'm going through that stress (like starting at a new workplace) until I can deal with the underlying stress again.

One thing I *like* about rosacea is that for me its a really good indicator of my overall health - I get flareups when I'm rundown/stressed.

Other things I'd like feedback on :

* Spicey foods trigger me - I now avoid chillies and ginger, but garlic is fine.  Lots of heavily fried food is bad, though a stir fry is ok.  I'm vegetarian so don't eat red meat anyway. :)

* I still blush very easily and for prolonged amounts of time.  However as my body image has improved as I've come to terms with my diagnosis, I can think of it more just as something that's part of me, rather than as a disease. Having friends/lovers who find it endearing has helped. :)

* sex helps!!! Genuinely.  Despite being with a longterm partner, I was going through a "dry spell" only having sex very occasionally (monthly?) when my rosacea started, and as it got worse (for almost a year before I finally went to the Dr) and my body image suffered, this got even worse.  Normally I have quite a high libido (the dry spell was due to my primary partner) but I was feeling less sexy due to the way I felt about myself.  However since then I have again observed that if I have regular *good* sex (at least 2 or 3 times a week) my skin stays quite good.  However this may be due to stress - perhaps sex reduces my stress levels.  I'd love to hear the experiences of others with rosacea.

I'm polyamorous (Both me and my boyfriend have other lovers, as well as being in a longterm committed relationship to each other) and now I have two regular lovers and my skin is great as long as I see them regularly.

* I've been told I can't get laser eye surgery (I'm short sighted) due to the rosacea, but I have no eye symptoms and have had an eye checkup - it definitely at this time has not spread to my eyes.  Have any of you had laser eye surgery and if so how was it for you?  I was a longterm contact lens wearer but had to stop as my eyes became irritated.  That's when I saw the eye dr (not just an optician) and talked more indepth about rosacea and eyes but she was sure it was just that my eyes are producing less tears as a result of my age (I'm only 32!) and having investigated it she said my eyes were not showing any rosacea signs.

* This community is very doom and gloom filled - I agree that if I had the choice I wouldn't have Rosacea, but I think its important that some of us that maybe have had it longer and come to terms post too so that it doesn't seem so horrific for those of you newly diagnosed.
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