riverbank (riverbank) wrote in skinconditions,

rosacea and geographical location

I was diagnosed with rosacea last year during my first summer in the midwest.

I previously lived in Oregon and Washington which are moderate climates. I biked and hiked all the time, no problems. I didn't have any symptoms before (other than alcohol related redface).

Now that I'm living here in Missouri, I have daily flareups. The summers are the worst...I can't even go outside. Stay indoors and I still get symptoms.

I've tried several Dermotologists. My doctor has me on oral and topical medications. I'm not satisfied. I'm even modifying my lifestyle and food as recomended. Like everyone with this problem, I'm worried about the long term effects.

Has anyone else noticed the relation between climates where they live with thier rosacea?
I'm right in the middle of grad school but am considering moving back to save face...literally.

I work at a brewery where grain particles are flying through the air. Could it be a wheat allergy too?

Also, taking recommendations for personable Dermatologists.
Thanks for your help.
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