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Skin Conditions
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Date:2012-01-25 16:51
Subject:Tea Tree Oil

What is everyone's experience with tea tree oil?

I read in another community that it's good for dandruff, and I happen to have--to put it simply--dandruff all over my body.

If anyone here has used it, I'm curious to know how it worked for you and how you used it (ex. infused in a wash/shampoo or applied pure).

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Date:2009-04-24 18:39
Subject:Photosensitive Community
Mood: hopeful

I hope this isn't breaking any rules, but I'd love to welcome any new members to the Photosensitive Community!

If you're sun sensitive or sun sensible feel free to post anything you've found to be helpful in coping with the sun: sun screens, clothing, activities, or just plain bitch about how your friends went on that vacation to Aruba.

Over at sun_be_gone

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Date:2009-03-20 20:32
Subject:she's baaaaaack (and it's my face this time).
Mood: cranky

i have shit insurance, a shit doctor, a shit derm, etc. i have just about every topical, though- OTC and prescription. i was getting some nasty bacne for a minute, but that's going away now, but now my face is looking to' up. i'm thinking it's hormonal, as i just started a birth control pill again, loestrin 24 fe, 3 days ago (coincidentally, to clear up my back). i've taken aviane/aleese before and it helped my skin, but i seemed to gain weight on it, so i'm stuck.

anyone have any experience with these aforementioned BCs? anyone swear by a BC that keeps you clear and doesn't make you gain crazy weight? should i try ortho? i can't afford yaz.

i do take vitex/chasteberry, an herb used to regulate hormones which i dunno if it's helping.

also, the doc gave me some antibiotics for my skin (doxycycline) and i threw up this morning after i took 'em. i'll try again tomorrow with food, even though it's supposed to be taken on any empty stomach, and even though I HATE TAKING ANTIBIOTICS AS I AM PRETTY MUCH A NATURAL MEDICINE GIRL AND KNOW HOW BAD THEY ARE FOR YOU IN THE LONG RUN.

one more thing, my skin is pretty dry lately (i've stopped tanning since december, i moisturize like a fiend, take omegas, drink at least 8 BOTTLES of water daily, and i use a humidifer), but it's still dry. and no, it's not eczema. i got rid of that by doing cleanses.

any input (birth control shout outs, supplement suggestions, etc) would be appreciated soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

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Date:2009-03-12 23:39
Subject:bacne. i think it's hormonal. i want to kill it.

My face isn't that bad, but it's definitely worse than usual. THAT, I can handle.

It's my back...horrible. Acne on my upper back, lower back, and even my shoulders. Some of it is cystic.

I've tried nearly every topical and wash-both 'script and drug/dept. store. I've even tried the Head and Shoulders method. I have the benz peroxide stuff, the retin a, the sulfur stuff, the salicylic acid, the aha, the tea tree oil, you name it. I even tried cortaid. I'm taking stuff to help regulate my hormones as they're wacky (vitex/chasteberry, saw palmetto, an adrenal-loving mix of herbs), and I'm taking every other vitamin and mineral I can think of that helps acne (b5, zinc...all the mandatory stuff that we need anyway). The only thing I'm not doing is taking birth control, because most make me gain too much weight (plus, my insurance is shhhht, so I can only afford a few kinds), and I don't like the idea of antibiotics or Accutane, as I like to try the more natural stuff first.

Also, I've even gotten colonics, started to clean up my diet, done water fasts, etc.

Anyone cure their bacne jere? If so, HOW!?!?!?!

Thanks. :)

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Date:2009-03-05 08:20
Subject:Address your psoriasis contest.


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Date:2009-02-26 10:36
Subject:Rosacea :P

   Hi, I am new to this community, and im not sure that people really post here anymore. (the last post was in 2008)

  I was diagnosed with Rosacea three days ago. I use Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizer SPF 15.
I also take 1 Doxycycline pill daily. Today I have this red rash on the side of my face and im really scared. I know that its probably not a allergic reaction, and i know that rosacea is untreatable. I dont want the rash to worsen, and i didnt go to school today mostly because of it. If anyone needs any extra information: I fell asleep with a towel on my head (haha) and i recently washed my pillowcase. Im not sure if the rash was a allergic reaction to the detergent or fabric softener i used either... 
                Does anyone have any information about how i got this rash, or how i can treat it? Thanks.

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Date:2008-08-30 10:25

Hello there.
I've been born with a rare congenital skin disorder called "cafe au lait". It takes the form of small flat spots on my skin that may be 1mm in diameter or more. I heard that if I had more than 5 spots , then there will be a risk of me acquiring neurofibromatosis. I am 23 years old and I don't suffer from the complications of any disease whatsoever. I have these spots all over my body. On my face and palms and on my chest. I was wondering whether these spots could be removed since they are causing me a lot of embarrasment and it makes me feel very self conscious.
I also have a huge accumulation of these spots under my nose that looks like a moustache from a distance. I am black , but these moles are darker than my skin.
Is there anyway in which i could remove them?. I also heard that these spots increase with age, so is there anyway in which I could stop it?. What are the risks of me of me passing it into my offsprings a few years from now?

I've enclosed an image of my palm behind the cut
pictureCollapse )

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Date:2008-08-08 15:28

So I've been diagnosed with rosacea for a couple of years.  Oxytetracycline has mostly worked for me, and now I rarely take it, but just modify my behaviour.  I'll only take it if I'm at a really stressful time and just *need* my skin to be ok while I'm going through that stress (like starting at a new workplace) until I can deal with the underlying stress again.

One thing I *like* about rosacea is that for me its a really good indicator of my overall health - I get flareups when I'm rundown/stressed.

Other things I'd like feedback on :

* Spicey foods trigger me - I now avoid chillies and ginger, but garlic is fine.  Lots of heavily fried food is bad, though a stir fry is ok.  I'm vegetarian so don't eat red meat anyway. :)

* I still blush very easily and for prolonged amounts of time.  However as my body image has improved as I've come to terms with my diagnosis, I can think of it more just as something that's part of me, rather than as a disease. Having friends/lovers who find it endearing has helped. :)

* sex helps!!! Genuinely.  Despite being with a longterm partner, I was going through a "dry spell" only having sex very occasionally (monthly?) when my rosacea started, and as it got worse (for almost a year before I finally went to the Dr) and my body image suffered, this got even worse.  Normally I have quite a high libido (the dry spell was due to my primary partner) but I was feeling less sexy due to the way I felt about myself.  However since then I have again observed that if I have regular *good* sex (at least 2 or 3 times a week) my skin stays quite good.  However this may be due to stress - perhaps sex reduces my stress levels.  I'd love to hear the experiences of others with rosacea.

I'm polyamorous (Both me and my boyfriend have other lovers, as well as being in a longterm committed relationship to each other) and now I have two regular lovers and my skin is great as long as I see them regularly.

* I've been told I can't get laser eye surgery (I'm short sighted) due to the rosacea, but I have no eye symptoms and have had an eye checkup - it definitely at this time has not spread to my eyes.  Have any of you had laser eye surgery and if so how was it for you?  I was a longterm contact lens wearer but had to stop as my eyes became irritated.  That's when I saw the eye dr (not just an optician) and talked more indepth about rosacea and eyes but she was sure it was just that my eyes are producing less tears as a result of my age (I'm only 32!) and having investigated it she said my eyes were not showing any rosacea signs.

* This community is very doom and gloom filled - I agree that if I had the choice I wouldn't have Rosacea, but I think its important that some of us that maybe have had it longer and come to terms post too so that it doesn't seem so horrific for those of you newly diagnosed.

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Date:2008-08-06 16:54
Subject:Hi, new member here ;)


Hi, I live in WA state and was diagnosed with rosacea about a year ago. I got it from my mom (inherited, not caught like a disease, lol) and fortunately she has been paying for the derm visits and the laser treatment I had recently. I will be having more as I was pleased with the results. The tough thing about having rosacea, for me, is that I struggled with moderate acne since I was 12 and I thought I was finally going to have clear skin as an adult, and now I have rosacea. Anyway, I'm just trying to live with it the best I can and would be happy to share any info I have with you about what I've learned so far. I look forward to learning from all of you as well.

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Date:2008-06-12 12:51
Subject:Hi again!

I seem to be keeping this community fairly active right now!

So, the rozex cream that I was given for rosacea made my skin absolutely horrible. I broke out worse than ever, it turned my skin red and made my cheeks burn. So I stopped using it and went back to a totally different, non-rosacea, skin routine. I use clinique mild liquid face soap, then put E45 cream on my dry patches around my nose, followed by nutrogena on-the-spot cream on my break out area (chin only) and then let it all soak in, and follow with my aveda all-sensitive moisturiser. 4 days on of doing this, and my skin is oddly almost back to normal. The spots have faded significantly, have "popped" themselves and are healing (I can tell, because they are flaking off). The redness in my cheeks is almost gone, and the really dry parts by my nose/eyes are clearing up - they are still there, but they are quite a bit better. Also, my skin still itches, but it's not burning anymore (and never had before until I started the rozex cream).

Also, I spent some time in the sun over the last few days, which seems to have made a difference to both my face and the eczema on my arms. I know the sun is supposed to make rosacea worse, so it seems odd that a change of skin creams and some time in the sun has done the opposite if that's what I have?

So, has anyone had any experience with having rosacea like symptoms that have cleared up by using eczema and acne treatments? I'm really starting to think I was mis-diagnosed, and that it's rather hormone problems causing my chin to break out (I have only had this problem since the pill messed up my system) and perhaps some eczema on my face (I did have eczema problems around the creases of my nose when I was a child, but it has been under control since I was a teenager). Does anyone know what it might be if it's not rosacea? It just seems odd to me that rosacea treatment makes it worse while OTC stuff for non-rosacea makes it better.

Sorry for the rambling - I'm having a hard time getting my thoughts across right now. But thanks for anything you have to add to possibly help clarify my confusion.

...and yes, I am going to attempt to force my doctor to send me to a dermatologist, but that could take ages, so I'm just trying to see what other peoples experiences are.

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Date:2008-06-10 10:31
Subject:Keratosis Pilaris

I have Keratosis Pilaris. Anyone else suffering from this condition? I'd like help on how to manage it from someone who has had experience..

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Date:2008-06-08 14:19
Subject:More advice needed!

Hi again!

I've been using Rosex (sp) cream for Rosacewa about 2 weeks now, and my skin is getting worse. Much worse. The right side of my chin and my right cheek have completely broken out (whiteheads). I'm starting to wonder if I was mid-diagnosed. I don't want to stop using the cream, but I don't want my skin to keep getting worse and worse.

Do any of you have experience of this? How long does it normally take for it to clear up once you've started a course of something? Does it typically get worse before it gets better?

Any help, as always, greatly appreciated.

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Date:2008-06-04 19:12
Subject:Unused creams for dry skin conditions for sale
Mood: hopeful

Hi all, I have lots of creams and lotions for dry skin conditions, mainly eczema and rosecea. My brother has bought tons of stuff over the years only to find he's allergic to the chemicals in them! That said all these creams are unused, or tested once and well within their best before date. I'm hoping to sell them so he can get some of his money back and also so people can get these miracle lotions for a fair price. 

Everything is half the recommended retail price, but please feel free to haggle if you don't like the price. Postage and packaging is not included but won't be much on top of the listed price.

Thanks for looking, and I hope this is acceptable... seems a shame to chuck all these and I don't want to use eBay!

I have postive feedback on eBay under the name lizard_queen08 :)

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Date:2008-06-04 14:49
Mood: curious

Can anyone with rosacea tell me how you deal with flushing? My cheeks are so hot that it feels like I'm going to spurt flames all over my office. I don't know what to do to cool them down - I've sat infront of a fan, I've put a cold rag on, I've had about 1L of water in the last hour.. nothing is cooling my cheeks off. I know it's bad to let them get flushed, but they just did it themselves. Any advice to make it stop (and to lessen the heat?)?


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Date:2008-06-03 11:44
Subject:Rosacea Triggers
Mood: confused

I was recently told I've got mild rosacea, so now I am researching like mad to try and learn everything I need to know to ensure it doesn't develop into moderate or severe rosacea. I've been given a topical cream, Rozex (pardon if spelling is wrong - the tube is at home), and have been using that for a couple days. Obviously, I've not seen much difference yet.

I was told that I should consider making some dietary changes, and learn what my triggers are so I can avoid them. My question is, how do I figure out what the triggers are? I've read several websites with lists of probable triggers, and my problem is - my diet basically consists of nothing but triggers. Obviously I can't cut everything out at once, and I do realise that triggers vary person to person, so in all likelihood only a few of the items on the list will end up being triggers.. but I don't know how to go about figuring out what to avoid. Is there a test that you can get from a homeopath or allergist that will tell you what to avoid, like a food allergy?

Any advice on how to sort out the triggers, or any other generic rosacea advice greatly appreciated!

Ta :)

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Date:2008-04-29 06:31
Subject:New member here

 I 'm really trying to get my Rosacea under control and started seeing a doctor that is also a day spa owner.  
She thinks that the rosacea has flared up because I might have a vitamin deficiency, because I told her that it has gotten worse since being off of my birth control.  So she gave me a prescription only vitamin (Nicomide) concoction.  It has some nickle, zink,  folic acid and vitamin B.  It has helped with my inflamation, so that makes me happy.
Some topical cream called Finacea.
She also started me on light treatments.  I do these 20 minute treatments every 3 days.  This has helped with the acne part of my rosacea.  Over all, I have been pretty pleased with the results that I have gotten so far.  I still have 7 more light treatments to go!!

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Date:2008-01-01 17:45
Subject:rosacea and geographical location

I was diagnosed with rosacea last year during my first summer in the midwest.

I previously lived in Oregon and Washington which are moderate climates. I biked and hiked all the time, no problems. I didn't have any symptoms before (other than alcohol related redface).

Now that I'm living here in Missouri, I have daily flareups. The summers are the worst...I can't even go outside. Stay indoors and I still get symptoms.

I've tried several Dermotologists. My doctor has me on oral and topical medications. I'm not satisfied. I'm even modifying my lifestyle and food as recomended. Like everyone with this problem, I'm worried about the long term effects.

Has anyone else noticed the relation between climates where they live with thier rosacea?
I'm right in the middle of grad school but am considering moving back to save face...literally.

I work at a brewery where grain particles are flying through the air. Could it be a wheat allergy too?

Also, taking recommendations for personable Dermatologists.
Thanks for your help.

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Date:2007-09-21 17:58
Subject:Facial birthmark

Has anyone else here ever used bleaching cream on birthmarks? I used some from my dermatologist... and it was gone. I stopped for a week, and it's back. Isn't that weird? It had hydroqouine and everything.

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Date:2007-09-06 22:48
Subject:The itchy and scratchy show

Hi there.

I'm on a 12-week waiting list to see a dermatologist for a skin rash whose itch is driving me crazy. Sparing all the gory details, it started out very symmetrically on both elbows and knee plus a patch on my stomach and on my back. Now I have an angry red collar around my neck (which only ice seems to numb) and very itchy patches all down my arms and on the calves of my legs. I may post a pic when i figure out how to so that:)/

Longshot, I know, but do we have any dermatologists out there interested in taking a gander at some pics and suggesting anything that might keep me sane in the intervening 12 weeks...

(While being a bit self-obsessed at the moment, I accept that every day is a gift and I have an awful lot to be thankful for)

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Date:2007-09-02 10:13

Hi guys.

I'm nineteen, and for the past couple of years, I've been blushing. My face gets really warm, and I blush. It CAN happen for no reason, but that's only been the case once. Usually it happens when I'm in a relatively warm room with lots of people. Only two or three people have ever commented on it. I'm scared it's rosacea. It seems like an untreatable and nasty condition :(

Isn't it possible that some people just blush more than others, without there needing to be a diagnosis involved? I only blush like.. a couple of times a month, in warm and socially stressed environements.

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