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she's baaaaaack (and it's my face this time).

i have shit insurance, a shit doctor, a shit derm, etc. i have just about every topical, though- OTC and prescription. i was getting some nasty bacne for a minute, but that's going away now, but now my face is looking to' up. i'm thinking it's hormonal, as i just started a birth control pill again, loestrin 24 fe, 3 days ago (coincidentally, to clear up my back). i've taken aviane/aleese before and it helped my skin, but i seemed to gain weight on it, so i'm stuck.

anyone have any experience with these aforementioned BCs? anyone swear by a BC that keeps you clear and doesn't make you gain crazy weight? should i try ortho? i can't afford yaz.

i do take vitex/chasteberry, an herb used to regulate hormones which i dunno if it's helping.

also, the doc gave me some antibiotics for my skin (doxycycline) and i threw up this morning after i took 'em. i'll try again tomorrow with food, even though it's supposed to be taken on any empty stomach, and even though I HATE TAKING ANTIBIOTICS AS I AM PRETTY MUCH A NATURAL MEDICINE GIRL AND KNOW HOW BAD THEY ARE FOR YOU IN THE LONG RUN.

one more thing, my skin is pretty dry lately (i've stopped tanning since december, i moisturize like a fiend, take omegas, drink at least 8 BOTTLES of water daily, and i use a humidifer), but it's still dry. and no, it's not eczema. i got rid of that by doing cleanses.

any input (birth control shout outs, supplement suggestions, etc) would be appreciated soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
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