computerdouch (computerdouch) wrote in skinconditions,

Rosacea :P

   Hi, I am new to this community, and im not sure that people really post here anymore. (the last post was in 2008)

  I was diagnosed with Rosacea three days ago. I use Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizer SPF 15.
I also take 1 Doxycycline pill daily. Today I have this red rash on the side of my face and im really scared. I know that its probably not a allergic reaction, and i know that rosacea is untreatable. I dont want the rash to worsen, and i didnt go to school today mostly because of it. If anyone needs any extra information: I fell asleep with a towel on my head (haha) and i recently washed my pillowcase. Im not sure if the rash was a allergic reaction to the detergent or fabric softener i used either... 
                Does anyone have any information about how i got this rash, or how i can treat it? Thanks.
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