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Hello there.
I've been born with a rare congenital skin disorder called "cafe au lait". It takes the form of small flat spots on my skin that may be 1mm in diameter or more. I heard that if I had more than 5 spots , then there will be a risk of me acquiring neurofibromatosis. I am 23 years old and I don't suffer from the complications of any disease whatsoever. I have these spots all over my body. On my face and palms and on my chest. I was wondering whether these spots could be removed since they are causing me a lot of embarrasment and it makes me feel very self conscious.
I also have a huge accumulation of these spots under my nose that looks like a moustache from a distance. I am black , but these moles are darker than my skin.
Is there anyway in which i could remove them?. I also heard that these spots increase with age, so is there anyway in which I could stop it?. What are the risks of me of me passing it into my offsprings a few years from now?

I've enclosed an image of my palm behind the cut

4A85EF5D.jpg picture by kranfixed
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