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Rosacea Triggers

I was recently told I've got mild rosacea, so now I am researching like mad to try and learn everything I need to know to ensure it doesn't develop into moderate or severe rosacea. I've been given a topical cream, Rozex (pardon if spelling is wrong - the tube is at home), and have been using that for a couple days. Obviously, I've not seen much difference yet.

I was told that I should consider making some dietary changes, and learn what my triggers are so I can avoid them. My question is, how do I figure out what the triggers are? I've read several websites with lists of probable triggers, and my problem is - my diet basically consists of nothing but triggers. Obviously I can't cut everything out at once, and I do realise that triggers vary person to person, so in all likelihood only a few of the items on the list will end up being triggers.. but I don't know how to go about figuring out what to avoid. Is there a test that you can get from a homeopath or allergist that will tell you what to avoid, like a food allergy?

Any advice on how to sort out the triggers, or any other generic rosacea advice greatly appreciated!

Ta :)
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