freaky_kittie (freaky_kittie) wrote in skinconditions,

New member here

 I 'm really trying to get my Rosacea under control and started seeing a doctor that is also a day spa owner.  
She thinks that the rosacea has flared up because I might have a vitamin deficiency, because I told her that it has gotten worse since being off of my birth control.  So she gave me a prescription only vitamin (Nicomide) concoction.  It has some nickle, zink,  folic acid and vitamin B.  It has helped with my inflamation, so that makes me happy.
Some topical cream called Finacea.
She also started me on light treatments.  I do these 20 minute treatments every 3 days.  This has helped with the acne part of my rosacea.  Over all, I have been pretty pleased with the results that I have gotten so far.  I still have 7 more light treatments to go!!
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