catsback (catsback) wrote in skinconditions,

The itchy and scratchy show

Hi there.

I'm on a 12-week waiting list to see a dermatologist for a skin rash whose itch is driving me crazy. Sparing all the gory details, it started out very symmetrically on both elbows and knee plus a patch on my stomach and on my back. Now I have an angry red collar around my neck (which only ice seems to numb) and very itchy patches all down my arms and on the calves of my legs. I may post a pic when i figure out how to so that:)/

Longshot, I know, but do we have any dermatologists out there interested in taking a gander at some pics and suggesting anything that might keep me sane in the intervening 12 weeks...

(While being a bit self-obsessed at the moment, I accept that every day is a gift and I have an awful lot to be thankful for)
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